Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wickless Wednesday: Another Trader Joe's Haul!

These haul posts are well received, which makes me happy to share my groceries! This time, I tried to do a little placement of my photos instead of stopping half way during the un-bagging process to take pictures of our food (which I have done in the past, in case ya hadn't noticed). Enjoy these foods!
This is a repurchase (and has already been opened), but this is the definition of a 10/10 product. Do you like caramel? Do you think it should be paired with salt? Well, mosey your butt down to Trader Joe's and GET. THIS. SAUCE. It is so good. It is good on ice cream and good by the spoonful (oops, did I say that?). Yum! Read some other reviews here.
This was an impulse purchase, but an excellent one at that. Pumpkin plus caramel? Uhhhh, YEAH! It is good, but I still prefer the salted caramel sauce. I have had this on ice cream and in my coffee for an extra decadent treat. Delish and spicy and sweet. Hits the spot!
Sweet onions are the only onions we seem to buy. These puppies don't last very long in this house since we love them and use them in everything. This isn't so exciting, but there you have it.
Garlic! From 'Merica!
Granny smith apples are also our favorite. Tart, tangy, no sweetness, great in baked goods, etc. Nothing wonderful here, but good, nonetheless.
We are fans of buying block cheese and grating it ourselves, so that's typically what we do. Plus, we can also get extra sharp cheddar from TJ's, and anything extra sharp or extra extra is okay in my book. And look, Wisconsin! DEB!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feta, or as other people call it, Feet cheese. My favorite. I add it to my eggs, my pizza, anything I can. It's so good. Haters gonna hate. (Also pictured in the background: BEEF!)
A thousand times a repurchase. TJ's Spiced Cider is outstanding and even better with Fireball whiskey or spiced rum. Ohh yeah. I may have blogged about this before and rightfully so because it deserves all the praise in the world. Spicy, fruity, full-bodied, warming...please run, don't walk, to get some of this if you have TJ's by your abode!
You just can't go wrong with chocolate milk. So good. Midnight Moo is another staple we try to have in the house for both milk and ice cream. Wow, I'm making it seem like we eat a lot of ice cream when we don't, LOL.
What kind of milk do you buy? We have been 2% fans forever with the occasional indulgence in whole milk if we need it for recipes (maaaaaybe once a year). We also always have half and half for coffee and also recipes. The 100% Honey Crisp Apple Cider is absolutely incredible. It's waaaaaay better than regular apple juice and we may have 3 extra bottles in the cupboard in case Trader Joe's runs out of them or yanks them from the shelves (which they have been known to do). Read about da juice here and here.
Repurchase! Their Vanilla & Cinnamon black tea is another awesome product. Right around October, I become a tea fiend. This is sweet without being overly so, spicy and delicious. TRY THIS if you love tea! As opposed to other teas with cinnamon, this is less like a chai and more of a simple cinnamon flavor. Read about it here and here.
Another excellent tea, especially right before bed since it's decaf. The candy cane isn't a straight-up peppermint, so again, there is a bit of sweetness here. Plus, A POLAR BEAR! Read more about this tea here, here, and here. Excellent with milk, or milk and honey, or agave, or plain!
How can you go wrong with gingerbread cookies?! The icing kicks them up a notch. It also feels like there are bigger pieces of ginger in here, which Josh and I both loved and welcomed. Unfortunately, we left the door to our bedroom opened one evening and the box was where the dog could reach...and dog got into the box...and well, you know, dog stuff. He straight tore a hole in the middle of the damn thing! He's never done anything like that before, so we were a bit perplexed. I guess it's a sign that they are good? We had to throw the rest away, obviously, but no worries, they have been replace. ;)
These little dark chocolate mint stars are so good. They are really small, so you can eat a dozen and not feel bad. The sprinkles make them even better. Repurchase!
Pita Bite Crackers? Excellent for snacking and partying. Though we have never had them so I am assuming. They look freaking awesome. After writing this, I decided to have some for lunch. They taste exactly like pita bread, but in cracker form. Yum! We had them with some ham and cheese, but they are good on their own. Would be great with hummus or any other dip.

Lastly, we have Fleur De Sel, which is for a recipe, but apparently amazing and small flakes and stuff? We have more kinds of salt than is socially acceptable, so add this to the pile. Have you tried this salt? Let me know how you like it/what you use it for! I am thinking of making my own salted caramel sauce when our jar is empty.

Happy hump day (UGH I HATE THAT SAYING), y'all! And in case I don't put up an update tomorrow, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random Post: November 2014 Treatsie Box!

AHAHAHA! You thought I was going to wait until January to get my November Treatsie box post up online! WELL THINK AGAIN!!! Here it is, and it's a good one!
As always, the card with a description for each item in the box. This time around, there is a pre-black Friday special! YAY! Use the code PREBLACKFRIDAY for a discount!
The usual box and tissue paper combo!
In this box, I received 6 mini chocolate bars from Alcove in various different flavors. This is a brand I had never heard of and it turns out they are located in Los Angeles. Woot! This was excellent because I got one of each and Josh got one of each. Yay! Let's look close at these, shall we?
The Mimosa Dark Chocolate candy was delicious, simply put. There was definitely a burst of orange scent right as soon as I opened the package, and it was there when I bit into the bar, too. There was also a distinctly different note to this, something more light and bubbly, but not fizzy like a drink, if that makes sense. The orange and sweet liquor taste meshed very well together, and it only heightened its awesomeness because it was dark chocolate. Winner! 4.5/5.
How can you go wrong with dark chocolate and salt? The answer is: you can't. Though this was nothing unique, the Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate bar was tasty and a beautiful combination of flavors. Seriously, one of my favorites in the world, 4/5.
Not that the camera picked up on it, but the Red Velvet Milk Chocolate bar was a much darker red compared to the other 2 chocolates. Not that I needed it ti be red to know it was red velvet flavored, but it was a surprise to see! This was the best of the 3 bars and the biggest surprise. I LOVED this! It truly tasted like red velvet! I wish I had more of these right now to devour. Milky, sweet, surprising and delicious. 5/5.
Another fantastic addition to this box were two rather large pieces of nougat candies from Fixx Chocolates. These were called "chelle's," named after the maker's older sister who loves Snickers. These were amazing and soft and yummy! The inside was pillowy compared to other nougats I have tried in my life. One had cashews inside and one didn't. I favored the one without, Josh liked the one with the nuts inside the filling. Both of these candies were great. The caramel layer was thinner, but that's okay because they weren't too sweet and overfilled with goo. Tracking these down ASAP. 5/5.
A Megpie is basically a Pop-Tart made with flaky pastry instead of tough dough wrought with preservatives. The Cinnamon and Brown Sugar type of Megpie tasted exactly like a Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pop-Tart but even better because of its delicious crust. Ohhh man, so good. We opted not to warm them up, but could see them being good with a little bit of heat. The frosting was sweet, but not overpoweringly so. So good! 4.5/5.
The Blueberry Megpie also had frosting on it, only this time, it promptly got stuck to the wrapper as soon as we tried to open the package. Boo. There's nothing worse than paperfrosting. Regardless, this one was really good, too, even though we don't like blueberry! I think it being all natural really changed my perception of its taste because usually, blueberries taste so fake in stuff. They actually tasted delish here. Another great item for sharing! The sweet frosting combined nicely with the tarter middle and flaky pastry surrounding it. I might buy some of these for people for Christmas! 4/5.

Treatsie continues to surprise me with their excellent boxes. The last two have been much better than the first two boxes I received, and I am looking forward to getting the December box...hopefully there are some Christmas extras in there! ;)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Post: October 2014 Treatsie Box!

I'm back with my October Treatsie box, just a month late this time! *smdh* As I mentioned in previous posts, I really like this box and look forward to its arrival on my front doorstep. Now that the hotter months are out of the way (???), Treatsie has resume sending their special packages in small flat rate envelope, which works out well and we have not had any broken products yet (cross young fingers). Let's get into it!
As always, each Treatsie box comes wrapped in nice Tiffany blue tissue paper, some shredded paper hay type of stuff and this little card which gives the value of its contents and a description of each item.
Last year for Josh's birthday, I bought him some Wondermade marshmallows and we really liked them! I was surprised to see them again in this box. The Apple Cinnamon flavor was subtle enough to not overpower the marshmallow texture and sweetness, but bold enough that you knew it was there. Delish! There were a ton of mallows in the bag in the box. I would repurchase these. 4/5.
We had never heard of Whimsical Candy before this box and now I'm sorry I learned of their existence because I WANT ALL THE CANDIES. This was a dark chocolate dipped sea salted caramel ribboned nougat and boooooy was it amazing. The saltiness cut through its uber sweetness, and the nougat had a really inviting and soft chew to it. YUM. I want to buy more of these, but won't because I'm "good." *browses website* 5/5.
Do you like ribbon candy but hate how large they are? The Papabubble candies were like teeny tiny ribbon candies...
...With adorable edible prints of each piece's fruit flavor! Seriously, these were addictive and the first thing to go from the box. There were apples, pears, kiwi, orange, strawberry, coconut, lime, lemon, pink grapefruit, a wonderful melange of fruits! Browsing this site is dangerous, too, but I think I will end up buying Josh come candy from this place for Christmas since we liked them so much. These are pretty hard, so eat with caution if you buy some and have dental troubles. 4.5/5.
I also got a Papabubble Halloween mix (the strawberry and orange from the first pack, plus blueberry and vanilla ones) in this Treatsie box, too. I liked this one a lot less since one of the flavors was blueberry, Blech. There's nothing like going for something orange and getting blueberry instead, Nast. One package of these was enough and I would have liked for there to be a different product in the box instead of two of these. 3.5/5.
As a special treat, this box included two individually wrapped caramels in both apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Both were really good! It doesn't get much better than fresh caramels! 4/5.

Have to tried the Treatsie box? Any of these products catch your eye? Let me know!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Haul AND Reviews: One Little Indian Scents Haul #1!

MORE NEW VENDORS! Woot! I heard about One Little Indian Scents on a Facebook wax group somewhere. Alisha, the owner of One Little Indian Scents, was advertising her newly opened Facebook group, so I joined and figured I'd get in on her grand opening. She has been testing her wax for a while, if I'm not mistaken. Let's see what I grabbed! There's not much because there was an overwhelming amount of bakery types of scents in her first restock. She does have some unique combinations!
Neat business card. Plus, my order came with a little lifesaver candy. Yum!
The business card, candy and my free sample were all in this cute envelope. I like the presentation of this.
I got one free sample in the form of a rather large bar of wax in the scent Berry Coconut Cream Pie, which I have already melted. I let this cure about a month and unfortunately, this scent wasn't that strong. The only thing I could smell was a faint berry scent underneath a blanket of coconut cream pie. Well, mostly pie. Whatever that coconut cream pie was, the 4/10 throw, it smelled like butter in the bathroom. It didn't linger too far out of there, though. I wouldn't purchase this scent for myself. Maybe I should have waited longer to melt this. 4/10.
Pink Slip: This is one pink slip you will want to get! Pink Chiffon, Pink Sugar, and a turn down of Vanilla Bean Noel. Even if you don't like Pink Sugar you might just enjoy this!
Pink Slip smells amazing. I love pink chiffon in both perfume and wax. And who can go wrong with pink sugar and VBN!? This smells super sweetly perfumey on cold sniff with a hint of creaminess from the VBN. Looking forward to melting this one.
Moon Dance: Rich Amber is the base for this dark but delightful scent! Sweet Cinnamon Sugar, and a hint of heady smoke adds a bit of romantic fall flair.
Moon Dance is interesting. There was a sweetness to this, but the amber note was definitely the star here. It's a richly intoxicating scent, though not as strong as I'd like it to be. Though it was only about a 6/10 all around, it lasted from 3pm one afternoon well into the next morning with a lingering scent. Nice. 6/10.
Cheerwine Fizz: This is a wonderful Cherry Soda drink yet not quite like a Cherry Cola, Cheerwine is indeed heavier on the Cherry. I blended this with just a hint of Fizzy for good measure. If you happen to live in an area that Cheerwine is sold rejoice! You can now have this yummy treat in scent form.
My mom's husband and his family loves Cheerwine, so I have been lucky enough to try it a couple times. It's delicious! It has a very distinct scent and flavor, super cherry cola, syrupy and sweet. Cheerwine Fizz here was sweet with a lots of fizziness, too. This one was stronger, and in my 24W hot plate lasted about 4 hours. I might repurchase this. 6/10.
Rosemary Mint Noel: A wonderful semi-spa blend. Rosemary paired with mint springs and a smidgen of other aromatic herbs. Vanilla Bean Noel is added in moderation to tone it down and add a bit of creamy inviting charm.
The rosemary here is suuuuper herbal, but without that usually cloyingly strong throw to back it up. The mint is sweeter to me and pretty much gets overpowered by the VBN. I pretty much got the same mediumish throw from this. I started melting it at 6pm and though it did last until the morning, it smelled like rosemary plus wax when I woke up. I did like this one a lot and it smelled nice on cold and warm throw. 6.5/10.
Serendipity Buttercream: Serendipitious! A delectable blend of Serendipity and creamy buttercream. This one makes me drool.
What could be better than sweet serendipity mixed with luscious buttercream? This scent smells really good on cold sniff. Can't wait to melt this!
Smoke on The Water: I tried to create a blend here that would capture the essence of a bonfire on the beach on a breezy summers night. The salty wind from the sea paired with the ever calming familiar scent of a bonfire.
Seas and bonfires, ahhh, what a picturesque scent in my mind. Smoke on the Water was okay, but I didn't get much of a distinction between this and any of the other bonfire, beachy sea scents. This was nice, but not great. 5.5/10.
Sugar Skulls: This Day of the Dead tradition lives on. Sugary Fruit Loops, Meringue, and a hint of Pink Sugar for good measure. These colorful candy skulls are sure to delight! 
Sugar Skulls was my favorite scent of the bunch. This one was SO GOOD! Pink sugar, extra sweetness, fruit loops, it was drippingly sweet and I loved it. Plus, the throw was much higher than the others and lasted about 8 hours. Loved, definite repurchase. 7.5/10.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about ordering from this vendor again. While I like the presentation, there were just too many scents I wasn't interested in purchasing (but many others would love her blends, they just weren't for me) and I had varied throws and strengths with her wax's performances. Most of it was pretty good, but there were a couple of concerns. Who knows, only time will tell!

Will you order or have you ordered from One Little Indian Scents?