Saturday, August 1, 2015

Random Picture Post: Non-Waxy Photos From the Last Few Weeks #14!

I have a lot of random photos from such a short time! Wanna see????
"WolfCop" is a thing. And it's an awesome movie. So completely, typically us.
My friends and I all gathered to celebrate a birthday or two at Karl Strauss. Whenever mac and cheese is on the menu, IT MUST BE HAD. So, here's their mac. One of the best in town. Cheesy, creamy, delicious, but veeeeery rich. I also had a beer. A BEER! Like, the whole thing. It wasn't cider or a spirit or champagne or wine. It was beer. Needless to say, I don't drink beer all that often.
One of the best movies, unexpectedly good movies of 2015 has been "Love & Mercy." What a wonderful film! If you like music, movies, or music movies, or The Beach Boys, see this film! John Cusack and Paul Dano do incredible jobs. Our review of the movie can be found here.
We have been having craaaaaazy weather in SoCal this last few months. One day, it will be 80 degrees and muggy. The next? Cool and rainy. I love the way the palm trees look against a plume of ominous sky.
In the middle of the night about 2 weeks ago, I bought 2 emoji pillows. Best late night/early morning purchase in existence? I think so.
We bought this granola on a whim. IT IS INCREDIBLE. I sprinkle it on yogurt or have a bowl with some milk, or just eat it plain. The coconut really makes the other ingredients shine. So good!
Shy bean!
KBShimmer's In Yacht Water. Such an amazing, creamy sky blue! I love this polish! It's not my favorite color on myself, typically, but with KBShimmer's knockout formula and perfection? Just wonderful.
There's a local donut joint called Donut Bar with the "best" donuts in the world. Lemme tell you, if you ever come to San Diego, you need to try them for yourself. Though there have been a few misses, the overwhelming majority of their donuts are hits, out ot eh park, gone gone gone. During Comic-Con, they had some limited edition geeky donuts, AND ONE OF THEM WAS A CONAN O'BRIEN DONUT. For those who don't know, we are HUGE Conan fans, so we HAD TO get one of these. Some good friends came over, they got the donuts, we got the coffee, we met up at our place, and stuffed our faces. Conan! Your face was delicious.
That. Wax. Pool. *googly eyes* I miss the glory days of Bath & Body Works candles!!!!!!!
You're damn right I made this meme. James Earl Jones' face so captures my thoughts on the matter.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: July 2015's Love With Food Review!

Love With Food is an excellent food-based subscription service I have been part of for a few months now. Here's my review for the July Tasting box, which was called Surfin' USA!
The iconic red box!
What greeted me as I opened the box.
One thing that stands out about Love With Food is its tasting booklet. Different pictures grace the cover each month with detailed descriptions of each item. Love this!
The inside and back of the booklet, if you want a better look at each item!
This lemon almond biscotti from Biscotti di Suzy was good and wasn't as hard as other biscottis I have had in the past. Maybe that's why I like it, because it didn't crumble my teeth. The lemon flavor mixed well with the almond flavor, and the crunch was still there, just less than usual. I really liked this. It was more of a cookie than a biscotti, but still, tasty! 4/5.
Bear Naked sent along a coconut almond curry granola and nope. Nope nope NOPE. This was gross as hell. In addition to tasting like Indian food, the coconut was more salty than salty sweet, and it was all so stale. YUCK. I did not like this, and the curry isn't the problem because I love curry. It's the combination of ingredients. Blech!!!!! 0/5.
The Hawaiian BBQ kettle chips from One Potato, Two Potato are a product from another subscription box I received about a year ago. We really loved these a lot. Very tasty, great BBQ flavor, slightly sweet, a little bit smokey, a great treat to go along with a meal or to enjoy as a snack. Crispy, crunchy goodness. Yum! 5/5.
I will be the first to admit I have purchased apple sauce in one of these convenient squeezable packages in the past because they are great for on-the-go snacking and lunches. I am a grown adult woman. When I saw the Kalefornia Grape squeezable fruit snack packet from Fruigees, I was excited to try it and immediately repulsed the second it touched my tongue. GROSS. I don't know how people have kale in anything other than soup. UGH. Mixed with that unmistakable grape flavor....vomitous. Simply vomitous. Our kitchen sink recently got backed up to the point where we couldn't fix it on our own and we had to call a plumber after having still water sitting in it for a day........this smelled, tasted, and looked exactly like that. 0/5.
I am a HUGE fan of roasted coconut chips, so I knew these ones by Bare Snacks could be excellent, and they were. The perfect balance of sweetness and richness, crispy and delicious. These are a true delight and you should get some immediately. 5/5.
The Honey Stinger kids' organic chews in sour citrus tasted awesome, but had a texture like a gumdrop as opposed to a fruit snack. The flavor was good and these were fun to eat. We got a lot of the same flavor in our package, which was okay. I am interested in trying their adult products, too. I think kids would love these and it'd get them to eat organic snacks. 4/5.
We went through a phase where we loved packets of stuff added to water. It was an easy substitution when trying to cut out coffee and soda. We have since lapse on this, but I was stoked to see these new True Citrus flavor packets, mostly because they simply contain crystallized fruit, nothing else. No chemicals, not nothing. These were AWESOME. I love lemon and lime in my water, but with these little packets, which you can add water and tea and contain vitamin C and 0 calories, it perked up my drinks to the point where I stopped getting bored of just plain water. We will be buying these immediately. My favorite was the lemon, no surprise there if you know me and my love for all things lemon all the time. (I have yet to try the grapefruit one simply because I don't like grapefruit, but I will eventually get around to it.) 5/5.
This Glee Gum lollipop is the world's first and only natural lollipop, according to their website. It was a bit soft and gummy, but the flavor was there and was fine. I think I am just too used to old school lollipops and wanted something a bit more....adventurous? when it came to this natural lolli. Still, not bad! 3.5/5.
While there really were some excellent, top notch products this month, the bad products almost scarred the entire month's experience. Between that horrible foot-kale-packet-of-poop-sewer-goo to the curry granola, I had a mixed experience by default. I am still loving this service, but yikes, those two items were BAD.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #86: Alamo Candelaria's Hamish

ALL SOULS. An intense products name for an intense smell!
Hamish - A gentlemanly blend of Peppermint essential oil, tassi lavender and bourbon vanilla.
Alamo Candelaria's Hamish
Cold Rating8.5/10
Lit Rating: 9/10
Throw Rating9/10
Overall Rating9/10; fresh and pungent, masculine but smooth, this is just an incredible, deep scent! Peppermint and some sort of herbalness (which I can only assume is lavender since that's what the scent description says) come together to make a terrific shaving/haircut place type of scent. BARBER, THAT'S THE WORD. Forgetting words. Getting off track. Too early. Not so much vanilla, but transformative in that a lot of other notes seem to come out while melting this. Complex. Manly is right, like a freshly showered model. Simply wonderful. This is STRONG, and it lingers, folks! Melting all of these cubes before taking photos of them. Packing game strong. A nice book that opens up, revealing blue cubies. Lollipops in every order. Guessing on buying scents and then turning out to like them. Wanting Josh to smell like this all the time. Having that weird conversation where I tell him to smell like a wax tart.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: July 2015 Vellabox Review!

As I have mentioned before, Vellabox is a candle subscription box that I love. For $10, $20, or $30 a month, you can get a varying candle subscription. The more you pay, the more you get! I am at the $10 mark right now, but may cancel another subscription service and up this one. This is my third month with Vellabox, and each month, I fall more and more in love! I got "nice" with my photos, so let's look inside!
The outside of the box, the side of it. Same as always, cheery yellow!
The flame logo!
They send one of these woodish cards in each box.
Each candle is always wrapped in a really nice cloth wrap. The one from this month is especially pretty!!
The outside of the candle I received. "If you dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough." I LOVE this quote, and I love that this vendor puts quotes on the lid of their candles.
The $10 box this month contained a Soiree by type.lites 4 ounce candle in the scent Bartlett Pear. Another new company! Yay! WOW, this scent is ACCURATE. Juicy, delicious, fragrant, sweet, sort of fresh, simply magnificent. It is right on par with the pear scent from Lake Providence Lodge in terms of exactly how it smells. I wonder if it's the same fragrance oil? It's strikingly good. I am usually not a pear fan, but geez, is this good!!
Check out that wood wick! I have burned this candle several times. The first time, following the instructions precisely, it extinguished itself. The second time, I lit the wax around the wood wick a little more so it would catch, and it had a veeeeeeeeeeeery low flame for about 20 minutes before extinguishing. The wax pooled out just fine on the third burn, but only after I cut what little bit of the wick had been cut with my wick trimmer. The fourth burn was flawless. The fifth and sixth burns, equally so. I am sitting here right now with it crackling ever so slightly next to me as I type this. I love wood wick candles, and I will definitely keep this company on my radar.

On a completely unrelated topic, this company has expletive candles.
For people with dirty mouths like me.
I don't care who knows it, I want one.
Overall, I am still pleased with Vellabox, and I am really pleased with this candle! The few problems in the beginning definitely led to a pleasant success, a wonderful and fragrant scent, and excellent burns!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Haul: Bath & Body Works Collective June and July Hauls!

I got a gift card to Bath & Body Works from my grandma for my birthday in May and I finally got around to using it all up. Let me show you what I grabbed during their semi-annual sale, and a few things in July, too!
I snagged one of these little 1.3 oz candles in Oahu Coconut Sunset because I was trying to finish up the gift card and it was relatively cheap. It smells awesome! If this doesn't throw well, I will remove it and put it in one of my wax warmers.
Vanilla Bean Marshmallow has been highly acclaimed in the wax/bath and body community, so I knew when this was about $5, I wanted to grab one! A single wick mason jarish candle, this smells ooey and gooey and sweet. I am saving this until fall.
These fragrance mists were returning popular fragrances from waaaay back when. Cucumber Melon was my favorite scent growing up because I am a crazy old person, but I had never tried the other 3 scents, so I grabbed them all. Plumeria is a nice, light floral scent, and Pearberry is a light fruity scent, but I don't like Juniper Breeze. I wonder if anyone else wants this, I think it's too late to take it back.
Bath & Body Works' Scentportables are my go-to car-scenting products, so I snagged an Island Margarita. Powerful and limey, I need to switch the one in my car to this one because the one I have in there is gross.
Hawaiian Hibiscus is a scent I had no prior knowledge of when purchasing it, it just had good ratings on the B&BW website. It's a winner! Very floral, but slightly tropical, a bit smooth and just like Hawaii. This is probably what Hawaii smells like. Sunnee, will you confirm? :)
Ocean Side used to be a true, realistic ocean spray scent. It doesn't smell like that anymore, it smells like a douchebag's cologne. Sorry to be so blunt, but YUCK. YOU know the smell. Come on, you know it. Well, that's what this smells like. I am determined to change my mind about this. It smells more like cologney fake sea smell. Bleh.
Caribbean Escape I haven't used yet, but may get to eventually. I may want to save this one in case I need a quickie Christmas gift or something!
Tiki Beach, a couple of years ago, was such an amaaaaazing candle. It threw ridiculously, pooled out like a champ, and had wicks that burned and burned and burned. Wow. I was excited to smell just how strong this was, even in air spray form. Coconut and suntan lotion mix together for a true beachy experience. I have this in our spare bathroom and spray it in the hallways every once in a while.
We have Island Margarita in our back bedroom / bathroom right now. It smells so good! I will keep my eye out for this one. It might be small, but it packs a punch! It does smell like a fresh margarita and squeezed lime with a bit of tropical undertones. Nice!
A comparison between the large and small room fragrances.
My second haul was from July. I got a tip from @TheBronzeBlogger (aka Real Talk about Bath and Body Works Candles) that the candle Amsterdam (Tulips & Windmills) is a dupe for my beloved, much missed, highly sought after Flower Shop, aka my favorite candle from Bath & Body Works before London Calling came about. WELL, IT IS A DUPE!!!! OMG. You cannot imagine how happy I was to get this and compare them! I have a 4 ounce Flower Shop left for this purpose exactly, and it. is. a. dupe. UGH I AM SO HAPPY I AM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION. I bought 2 of these. Well, Josh bought 2 of these for me. :)
There's my collective haul from B&BW! Have you bought anything from them lately? Looking forward to fall scents (SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)??