Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Swift & Supersonicly Snappy Short Review #2: Candles from the Keeping Room's Apple Mango Tango

I got some positive response on the last post, so I think I will continue these speedy reviews!!
Candles from the Keeping Room's Apple Mango Tango
Cold Rating6/10
Lit Rating: 8.5/10
Throw Rating8.5/10
Overall Rating8/10; love this laundry scent! CFTKR's take on this is stronger while warming (as usual), and it's fruity, sweet, and yet laundratic! Very nice for the bathroom and for laundry day with an impressive throw. Lasted 7 hours and faded slowly. Repurchase for sure!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Swift & Supersonicly Snappy Short Review #1: Beezy Tarts' Blue Raspberry Icee

Trying something new since I have 0.9379487235 seconds to write this review!
Tell me if you like these one review posts, simple, like the Lightning Round ones, but for individual/miscellaneous items.
Beezy Tarts' Blue Raspberry Icee
Cold Rating7.5/10
Lit Rating: 8.5/10
Throw Rating8/10
Overall Rating8/10; amazing, straightforward, no frills or florals, just like an Icee from a drink dispenser! Great throw, long lasting, almost perfect! Sweet, simple, delicious.

***In other news, my mom and her boyfriend Gil are getting married in our backyard today!! I want to wish them (publicly) congratulations and may their marriage be blessed with many happy days and years! Love you both so very much!! Pictures to come!!!***

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lightning Round Reviews #20, Bathroom Edition!

I made the (genius) decision to put a warmer in our spare bathroom several months ago.
Best. Decision. Ever.
Not only do I love it, but guests love it, too! I get so many comments and questions about the wax that's melting, why it smells so good in there, and how it all works. Nothing like converting people!

Well, since making this change, I have accumulated quite a bit of empties. I am going to do several of these Lightning Round Review posts featuring my bathroom melts, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here's post #20!
Closet Full of Wax's Sticky Serendipity Taffy
Cold Rating6/10
Lit Rating: 4/10
Throw Rating4/10
Overall Rating4/10; sad about this one. I have heard that Closet Full of Wax has changed their wax formula since I last ordered and wax excited to see an improvement, but this wasn't very strong. I had to be in the bathroom or close to it to smell anything. I didn't get much taffy from this, but instead a super sweet serendipity, when I did smell it. Lasted 6 hours in the bathroom but couldn't notice much.
Daphne's Divine's Cotton Candy Boo Berry Watermelon
Cold Rating6.5/10
Lit Rating: 6/10
Throw Rating5/10
Overall Rating6/10; slightly rounded up on this one. While the throw was right about a medium, the scent was a good combination of scents! I like Daphne's watermelon and cotton candy, and with the addition of Boo Berry (blueberry?), it just took it over the top. Obviously, this could have been stronger, but it was a nice background scent. Didn't travel that far out of the hallway, though. I left this in the warmer for about 8 hours and it declined a little bit ever 2 hours, I'd say.
Lake Providence Lodge's Fresh Pear
Cold Rating7/10
Lit Rating: 7.5/10
Throw Rating7.5/10
Overall Rating7.5/10; this was my first melt from this vendor out of the Simply Sensational Sampler, and WOW! For being a pear scent, which seems basic, this was juicy, strong, and delicious. I LOVED this! I had it melting for 12 hours, but I'd say it lasted about 6 before it started to reduce in throw. Even when I dumped it, I could still smells whispers of this!
Lake Providence Lodge's Vanilla Shortbread
Cold Rating6/10
Lit Rating: 7/10
Throw Rating: 6.5/10
Overall Rating6.5/10; very good shortbread scent! Not overwhelming at all, and it did have that buttery note I usually despise, but it wasn't bad in this scent shot. Lasted 6 hours, definite repurchase. I might be making an order with this company in the near future!
iheartwax's Eggnog Vanilla Wafers
Cold Rating5/10
Lit Rating: 3/10
Throw Rating: 6.5/10
Overall Rating: 4.5/10; rounded slightly down...this smelled okay on cold sniff, but while warming, something in the eggnog part of this was very displeasing to my nose. Now, keep in mind, this is just my nose! It smelled very strange, almost like burnt spiced. I have had other vanilla wafers scents from iheartwax, so that's how I know it's the eggnog I didn't like. It was on the high end of medium in strength, but I only had it in the warmer for an hour. Not a repuch, obviously.
iheartwax's Pink Coconut Leaves
Cold Rating: 6/10
Lit Rating: 7.5/10
Throw Rating7.5/10
Overall Rating7.5/10; just lovely! On cold sniff, I only got coconut leaves (which is a Bath & Body Works type), but while warming, the muskiness of the pink sugar came through and made this really lovely. Quite strong, could smell this throughout the house, but it wasn't overpowering. Repurchase! This is a great spring/summer blend!
iheartwax's Serendipity Coconut Leaves
Cold Rating5.5/10
Lit Rating: 6/10
Throw Rating6/10
Overall Rating6/10; there wasn't a lot of the serendipity in here, but I'm sure that's because serendipity contains coconut, and this is basically a sweeter coconut scent. I liked it, but not as much as I did pink coconut leaves. Not as strong as its counterpart, either. When I reorder, I'll opt for the other one. This was nice, though, it just lacked something to give it that UMPH!
iheartwax's Strawberry Pink Serendipity
Cold Rating7/10
Lit Rating: 8/10
Throw Rating7.5/10
Overall Rating7.5/10; lovely combination of sweet strawberry and pink sugar serendipity! This one was a winner for me and it was absolutely a winner for our guests. I had lots of compliments on this one! Great strength in throw as well as while warming, and I think I melted this one for 5-6 hours. Nice!!
Aunt Smellman's Fountain of Youth
Cold Rating7/10
Lit Rating: 4.5/10
Throw Rating10/10
Overall Rating7/10; HO-LY-COW. This was INSANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEly strong! Unfortunately, we didn't care for it as it was very, very perfumey. I was excited for this on cold sniff and I even hoarded it for a while, but when it was warming, we just didn't like it as much. It was truly crazy how strong this was, like, can't get it out of the curtains strong. I melted something after this and it mixed with this scent for the first hour. It's scent throws like this that I am searching for in life...if only I had enjoyed it. Not a repurchase, but if you like perfumey scents, DAMN!
Aunt Smellman's Oceans
Cold Rating7/10
Lit Rating: 3/10
Throw Rating3/10
Overall Rating4/10; sad about this one, too. Another scent I hoarded, but this time, it wasn't strong at all. You had to be right on top of it to smell anything. This was a great ocean scent on cold sniff, you even got bits of ozone and greens in there, but while warming, nada. Sadness! Not a repurchase, and I think I only had this (entire clamshell) in the warmer for 2-2.5 hours. :(
JLCCW's Avalon
Cold Rating6/10
Lit Rating: 4/10
Throw Rating: 5/10
Overall Rating5/10; this smells really nice on cold sniff, but while warming, it sort of smelled like eucalyptus and something...off. I didn't care for it at all, and almost added pink sugar to it before I just decided to dump it. Not a fan, lasted 3 hours but would have gone on longer if I'd let it.
JLCCW's Strawberry Passion & Vanilla Bean Noel
Cold Rating7/10
Lit Rating: 7.5/10
Throw Rating7/10
Overall Rating7/10; good balance between vanilla bean noel and sweet strawberry! UGH I hate it when I melt good items from closed vendors, it makes me so depressed, LOL. This was nice, but the cinnamon on top got burned into the bottom of my warmer and took WEEKS to get it all out. ICK! Lasted 5-6 hours and liked it a lot.
Aunt Nena's Swingin' Grandmas Eggnog
Cold Rating6/10
Lit Rating: 7/10
Throw Rating7/10
Overall Rating7/10; this one had a great balance of creaminess and spice! I liked it a lot and continued to be impressed with what I have melted from Aunt Nena's! This lasted less than the others from this company I have melted, about 4 hours, but I still liked it while it was going! Nice!

Enjoy your week, friends! <3

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: Streetman Candle's Raspberry/Strawberry/Bird of Paradise

Despite its (sometimes) recent dissent into crazy-town, the wax community is really awesome overall. I have had the opportunity to "meet" many cool people here, even some who I've become "waxage" friends (where we sending and receiving wax packages in the mail).
One of these friends is Jessi: you might know her from her YouTube videos.
She and I are embroiled in a wax war for the ages.
She lives in Canada, and Candles from the Keeping Room won't ship internationally. So, she has the orders sent to me and then I ship them to her (along with other wax goodies).
...one day, unexpectedly, we got a knock at the door.
"I DIDN'T ORDER MORE WAX!!!" I shouted to Josh, perplexed.
"Streetman Candle Company? I haven't ordered anything but samplers from Heather in a while...huh?"

Upon opening, I noticed a letter written by Heather, the owner of Streetman. Jessi, the sneaky devil she id, bought me a bunch of wax as a thank you! I was so surprised and grateful! She and Heather tried to pick out blends they thought I would enjoy. (If you're reading this Jessi, just know, I have something in the works...mwahahahah).

One of the first scents from the box o' goodies that grabbed my attention was Raspberry/Strawberry/Bird of Paradise. Now, Bird of Paradise is a flower, but what could be in this scent? I'm not sure, but all I know is this is delicious! It's so juicy, so sweet, and STRONG!
This 2 ounce scent shot lasted about 7.5 hours total in my 24 watt hot plate. Only in the last 2 hours did it start to go down in strength. The thing about Heather's fruity scents is that they are never overwhelming in a bad way. Her raspberry and strawberry scents are some of my favorites in all of the wax community. Her raspberry isn't that floral one you find in some other vendors...nope, just straight fruity goodness here.
Josh loved this one, too! I don't see Bird of Paradise on her scent list as of right now, but I hope she changes that! This one is GOOD, folks.

Streetman Candle Company's Raspberry/Strawberry/Bird of Paradise
Cold Rating8/10; really nice smell right out of the "cold" gate, it's slightly tropical with hints of sugar, berries, and perhaps some citrus?
Lit Rating: 8/10; mmmmmm! We both loved this one! Super strong while melting, stayed that way for many hours. Didn't get tired of this one like I do with some fruit blends from other vendors. Heather has a knack for combining scents!
Throw Rating: 8/10; pretty great as far as throw and I could smell this a little in various parts of the house. Sweet and ripe-fruit-smelling.
Overall Rating8/10; another Streetman winner, excellent combination! What is in Bird of Paradise? Crazy 8's. Loving uber-fruity scents for Spring this year. Finding words to describe said fruits as "juicy." Mira I started juicing. Gin & Juice. "Juice" starring Tupac Shakur. "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry feat. Juicy J. Random tangents about juice.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wickless Wednesday (On Thursday): KBShimmer Spring 2014 Nail Polish Haul!

When I started trying "indie" brands of nail polish, I came across KBShimmer and, on a whim, bought a polish and instantly fell in love.

1 or 2 bottles of their polish quickly turned into 12 or 13.

Now, I have amassed quite a collection after their most recent Spring 2014 launch. Between their brilliant glitter polishes and their super rich looking cream colors, I am OBSESSED. I'm sure people online were getting tired of me blabbing about their launch.
Well, my package came in the other day and I wanted to share it with you. I don't own colors like these in my collection already, so I felt okay going a little bit crazy. Plus, their prices are super reasonable!
Here's a look at all of my pretties!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Let's take a closer look, shall we?
Belle of the Mall is the one I went back and forth on the most. I don't own very many reddish polishes (pink yes, red no), and I know that glitter is a pain in the keister to remove, but I was drawn to it for some reason, probably the gorgeous color. It's got that wonderful KBShimmer chock-full-o-glitterness combined with a reddish/pink base. I can't wait to wear this! It's so pretty!
As always, KBShimmer has the best, most fabulous white polishes that are flooded with colorful hex and sparkly glitter pieces. Full Bloom Ahead is no exception! A take off of their famous Oh Splat! polish (one of my all time favs), this one boasts a very nice assortment of springy colors such as teal, yellow, orange and even some dark blue and fuchsia! This is probably my favorite glitter polish of the ones I bought just because I am a sucker for anything in a white base. Beautiful!
When I saw other bloggers swatching Rush Flower Traffic, I knew I needed it. This one is a glitter polish in a clear base and damn is it bright! I love the way each of the colors play off of one another to create a really cool, springtime topper. This one is just swell and I already have a few manis in mind for this one.
One of the coolest things about KBShimmer is her polish names. Aren't they freaking creative? Really, love them! Prism Break is a linear holographic topper polish. Just in case you're not familiar with linear holographic polishes, those are polishes where, when they are spread out over the nail, you can sort of get a rainbow effect from it! Linear holographic polishes are really cool and can take a simple manicure over the top if the polish is good...and this one is! I can already tell this is going to make a splendid bling-fest.
Have I ever mentioned that (besides rainbow, lol) yellow is my favorite color? Many of the other people I saw preview this collection said that while the formula and color were good, the mustard yellow polish didn't suit them. Well, that just means there's more for me! I love yellow polishes, the brighter and flashier, the better. Chick Me Out is the start of the cream colors I purchased in this haul and the very first one I added to my cart. I went straight for it. I love it so, so much, and I think it will look fantastic when paired with Rush Flower Traffic. UGH, it's so gorgeous, and, another color that is missing from my (growing) collection.
Honeydew List is a very nice creamy pastel, lighter green polish. I have been really loving pastels for the past few months and this one was a definite showstopper. While it might seem simple, I really don't have anything quite like this polish, either! Sure, I have a turquoise and a lime green, but this sort of fits in between both of those, just more green and less flashy. Love this one.
Do you own any gray polishes? I don't, and I haven't really seen too many that have caught my eye. My Life's Porpoise had a cute name, an attractive not too dark gray color, and I think it's going to be an all-around good cream to have. I swear this leans a little on the blue side of gray to me, do you notice that?
A Touch of Glass is a minty sea-green/blue polish that's a real looker. I can never have too many mint green/blue polishes, really. I think I have something similar to this which is a shame because I don't like having so much polish that I don't know what to do with. I think I will swatch them all next to one another and go from there. For now I will say that I think this is a really pretty pastely polish, I just hope I don't have this exact polish elsewhere already!
Last but not least, we have Life Rose On, a rosy pink polish that is brighter in person that in this picture. Boy, is this one pink! I'm okay with light pinks, so I took a chance on this one. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. Obviously, I won't be able to tell until it's on my nails, but I find my skin color looks better with lighter shades of pink. We shall see. It is very pretty, though, it sort of looks like it has blue or purple undertones in the light, too.

That's my most recent KBShimmer polish, folks! I love this company so much and have never been disappointed, that's why this post is so overwhelmingly positive without actual swatches. I can't wait to get the last few ones from this collection for my birthday! :D

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Review: Haley's Heavenly Scents' Pink Christmas Cookies

You guyssssssssss...I miss Christmas. :(
Now, I personally don't know the difference between cookie cookies and Christmas cookies. They all end up in mah belly at the end of the day. Would someone care to enlighten me if they know the difference? :)
Really though, any pink blend from Haley's Heavenly Scents is sure to be a good one. Her pink scents are generally amazing.
Pink Christmas Cookies is really no exception.
On cold sniff, this just smells like a bakery and pink sugar scent, but while warming, it actually takes on more of that fresh baked cookie smell. It's really nice. I actually prefer my bakery scents with pink sugar because pink sugar makes everything in life better.
As far as warm sniff performance goes, this had a medium-high scent throw and I really haven't a thing to complain about. It was a great mix of the two scents, lasted all day (around 8 hours total), and affirmed my belief in HHS as being a pink sugar goldmine.
Look at those OILS. Dang!

Haley's Heavenly Scents' Pink Christmas Cookies
Cold Rating6.5/10; the majority of this on cold sniff is pink sugar, but I still get a slight whiff of cookies.
Lit Rating: 7.5/10; that cookie note comes out more while melting, and when it's combined with the wonderful pink sugar from HHS, this really was quite a treat. Love this blend and I will always repurchase it.
Throw Rating7/10; medium-high throw and good longevity, I didn't get tired of this like I do other bakery blends. Haley's makes a bitchin' "cookie" scent.
Overall Rating7/10; great mix of pink sugar and warm, buttery cookies. Christmas sadness because it's gone Christmas HAPPINESS because cookies and carols and lights and happiness and family!!! Raised electric bill. LOL MIDDLE FINGER SNOWMAN. Gold everything!!!!!!!!!!!```1111~~``

Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax's Wicked Watermelon Serendipity Jaimie Melon Ball Fizz

WOW, that title is a mouthful!
I have mentioned several times that I am sad that Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax closed. It is for the best for the vendor. That being said...when you get a scent or a blend that's really, really good, you sort of selfishly wish they were back.
Well, this is the case with Wicked Watermelon Serendipity Jaimie Melon Ball Fizz.
I was gifted this tart by my waxy pal Karen friend for Christmas. I was excited to see such a strange sounding blend, mainly because I know Karen likes to blend stuff that has a way of turning out really, really awesome.
It smells so good while warming, even better than it does cold, in fact. On cold sniff, I really only smelled Wicked Watermelon, which I swore was a Scentsy dupe but apparently not. Don't get me wrong, I love watermelon, but I was initially disappointed because it was all I could smell.
While warming, this really bloomed!
Almost instantly, the watermelon mixed with the coconut note in the serendipity. WOW, it's a really nice combo! Also, there was a hint of sweetness unlike anything I had smelled in these two scents before, so I had to assume that was the melon ball fizz coming through. Overall, this one little scalloped tart lasted 8 hours in the bedroom and fizzled the last hour and a half or so. I would definitely buy this blend again if JLCCW comes back!

**PS (and unrelated to this post): If you have bought your hot plate warmers on Amazon.com in the recent past (particularly from Candles Warmers Etc.), PLEASE turn them over and make sure they are 24 watt hot plates, not 20 watt ones. 24 watt warmers seem to be phasing out all over the place, and lots of vendors are selling 20 watt warmers labeled on their listing as 24 watts. It makes a difference, people!**

Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax's Wicked Watermelon Serendipity Jaimie Melon Ball Fizz
Cold Rating6/10; all I smell is watermelon on cold sniff, but it's decent enough! I was initially disappointed...
Lit Rating: 7.5/10; ...but this smells wonderful while lit! You get the coconut from the serendipity, the watermelon, and the sweet melon from the fizz scent. But, no fizz like a soda or a drink scent. This is so good! Thanks Karen!
Throw Rating7/10; pretty great throw, too, not disappointed with this at all.
Overall Rating7/10; unexpectedly good combination. Blends can bite you in the ass if they are bad. Spring means WATERMELON SCENTS!!! I don't like the fruit watermelon in real life, though. What's a melon ball fizz, is it a drink? MENTIONING DRINKS AGAIN. Another closed vendor, more sadness.